Vanessa Hudgens Designed a Line of Activewear For AVIA, and It’s as Cute as She Is

Your favorite actress, singer, dancer and fitness lover (phew, that’s a lot of talent) just designed her own line of activewear, and you’re going to want every single piece. Vanessa Hudgens partnered with AVIA to create an activewear collection perfect for every exercise class you could ever attend—or, if you’re like me, the perfect outfit in which to run to the grocery store while still looking like you work out. The line of activewear pieces is seriously as cute as Vanessa Hudgens herself. Wearing this activewear will make you feel like you and Hudgens are BFFs from spin class (which is, let’s be real, my ultimate dream).

AVIA, a brand known for its athletic shoes, is branching out with this activewear collection, and they couldn’t have picked a better celebrity with whom to collab. A self-declared fitness lover, Vanessa Hudgens put her heart and soul into this cute AF collection. She tells StyleCaster: “I wanted to make a collection that would be versatile, stylish and functional. I think that was the most important thing for me, because I want to create pieces that have technical fabrics and feel supportive, but also feel stylish.” Plus, like most of us, Hudgens admits that wearing cute activewear helps in her workout game. “I think it’s so important to already feel confident the moment you walk into your class, because then that’s going to allow you to push yourself harder and dig deeper,” she explains.

Hudgens made this line with her own effortlessly cool style in mind. She says, “The entire collection was literally me going through my fitness closet and picking out the items that I wear the most…things that are just stylish and unique.” First of all, I’m super jealous she has a fitness closet. Goals, am I right? Secondly, if I’m going to trust anyone with the style and fit of my athletic-wear, it’s Vanessa Hudgens. I mean, have you seen her abs? The star has sartorial excellence and fitness chops. Of course I’d want her to design an activewear collection.

All of the pieces from the collection are available now on AVIA’s website, as well as select Macy’s stores, and range from $38 to $74—so you won’t even be breaking the bank. (Thank you, Vanessa! Love, a gal on a budget.) From fun florals to retro color-blocking, these activewear pieces are sure to get you excited about working out. And when in doubt, just imagine Vanessa Hudgens is exercising right alongside you—I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

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