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iHeart Radio Summer Pool Party!!

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Who would’ve thought that by simply eating well and exercising I’d be here? 

When I say here, I mean iHeartRadio’s second-annual pool party in my lovely, WARM, home state of Florida. Accompanied by Kristin, the woman behind everything going on for me at Avia, we were welcomed with a gift bag stuffed with everything we could possibly need from all of the weekend’s sponsors, along with a breathtaking view of Miami’s coastline.

We approached the Fontainebleau’s long, round driveway only to hear echoes of what was to come for the weekend—bass booming throughout the entire hotel, sound-waves brushing against the never-ending palm trees and sliding across each and every one of the pools’ surfaces. Our weekend began with a much needed meal at STK, a restaurant where my order has very recently changed from a filet mignon to a grilled chicken. 

Saturday, we woke up to a 6:30 am sunrise peeking through our balcony, the waves crashing as our alarm clock, the scent of sea-salt replacing the smell of coffee, the humid air hugging us good-morning. Ensuring that no time was wasted, we headed to the beach, passed Tinashe’s poolside rehearsal (love), and took in the remainder of the rising sun.

The day continued with the iHeartRadio pool party, where we were definitely given the VIP treatment. Humorously enough, Kristin and I were the “children” of the party, proudly sporting our “UNDER 21” wristbands. The pool was decked out with those super cute floaties that oversaturate the Internet, and you know I did not hesitate to hop on one (hence the under 21 wristband). Music blasted, and that Tinashe rehearsal I walked past on my way to the beach earlier had finally come to life. DNCE took the stage, and I was able to see my childhood love, Joe Jonas, for a 7th time, which only exemplifies the loyal Leo in me. Right on schedule, the 2pm Miami thunderstorm came rolling through, yet it did not stop anyone from enjoying the day. We waited under cabanas to the rhythm of the DJ’s set until the end of the pool party, and headed back up in preparation for the concert.

The day concluded with the main festivities—the long awaited iHeart Radio Summer Concert. FloRida brought me back to my middle school days, even bringing out Gorilla Zoe who had that one song, Echo, AKA my middle school guilty pleasure. Next was Lukas Graham, who I’d never heard of—yet I was blown away by his charm and genuine talent. In true Miami spirit, Kygo wrapped up the show with an EDM set that captivated the crowd until the very last second. 

Through a nonstop schedule, I must admit that it was necessary to relax and find my time to celebrate the summer. How will you find yours?