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Hip Openers For the Soul

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Tight hips effect everything from perfecting your yoga poses to simply having to pick something up off the floor. When your hips are tight, your body heavily depends on your spine to do all of the work. Loosening up these tight muscles have several benefits including improved range of motion, circulation, and decreased back pain. Beyond the obvious, hip-openers create an energetic shift allowing you to release stress, negative energy, and emotions.

Here are some hip-opening yoga poses to brighten up your spirit:

Extended low lunge

This stretch is not only a hip-opener, but also a heart-opener, slight back bend, and a light stretch to the front of the neck. Do this on both sides to simultaneously feel two different stretches on each leg. The extended leg will feel the most, while the bent leg will also be stretched in the hip crease (the psoas muscle). Hold this for 60 seconds, if possible, and use the Yoga Breathing technique to pass the time and allow the muscles to recover.

Pigeon Pose:

There are lighter variations of the Pigeon Pose, if you cannot get into the full expression yet, simply hold the back foot to a lower position that is comfortable. This pose also elongates the spine, enabling better breathing. If you're ready, you can go into a deeper expression for a fuller twist, Pigeon Twist.

High Lunge Variations:

Lunges work several muscles at a time, but when doing this pose and leaning forward to create a straight line from your head, chest, hips, and rear foot, you create a deeper stretch into the Psoas Muscle. This also strengthens your abs, tones your thighs, and builds your balance.

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